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We were invited out to the VIP Opening of UNDEAD IN THE WATER: OPERATION DECON. We wanted to share our trip with you. We were able to grab a few pictures and video to share since we made it out alive. Will you? Weekends through Halloween. READ ABOUT OUR ADVENTURE HERE
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Halloween is almost here and while many things have changed the way we are doing things, this year one thing in certain, we could all use some normalcy with a good scare. It was a beautiful night out and we were very excited to check out, UNDEAD IN THE WATER, OPERATION DECON aboard The American Victory ship. They bring us Tampa’s only nautical haunted attraction. I would like to thank the team for inviting us out as their guests.

They are calling all of Tampa Bay; they need our help containing the virus and getting the vaccine to safety. UNDEAD in the Water is located directly behind the Florida Aquarium; just follow the signs to the ship. You will hear cries for help and the Captain getting you ready to help him and his team, this ongoing battle has been happening weekends since October 2.

Let’s get some of the details out of the way before we share our experience with you. To start plan the trip tickets/reservations, the tickets start around $15.00 per person depending on what night you are attending. Reservations are REQUIRED (purchase/reserve info below). You can fly solo, however you may want to get a little group together (can you make it alone?). Do not worry if you are a stress eater or maybe just one last meal? While in line they also have a food vendor on site. Bathroom and washing stations also provided, in case you need one of those before or after.

Next, wherever you are traveling from, you will need to head towards the Florida Aquarium. There are some additional transportation options including the Water Taxi ($20.00 all day ticket), Uber, Taxi, etc. The night that we attended there was no charge for parking in the aquarium lot. Until you get on the ship you are outdoors so dress appropriate if it is a warmer night out. Now that the details are out of the way, let's get on to sharing our experience and pictures with you.

Before boarding the ship crew will explain how they need your help to save humanity by locating the Doctor on the ship that has the vaccine. The plot is probably truer to life than we would like to probably admit. What makes this year’s event different is that you are going through ALONE or with your party only. No small gap between you and the group in front, it is just you and your group. Taking away that glimpse of what dies ahead. While you are waiting in line keep your eyes on deck you may see an infected visitor trying to escape.

There are new exclusive never before seen parts of the ship, you can explore if you’re brave enough, and you never know where the next infected waits. The lighting in some of these areas is extraordinary; my favorite was the hallways and the engine room, as seen in the images below. The absence of anything as you approach makes it even scarier. I usually do not scare that easy, but the environment is not ordinary, so I jumped a few times. Once you board the ship, it owns you; your every movement must be timed and precise.


In the end, if you survive, the heroes are “all of us” who enter and help the mission. The ones that survive did what was asked to stay safe, sanitize, limit touching, cover your face, follow guidelines. The hero’s, put true effort in finding the safe vaccine from the Doctor, under great pressure. As stated earlier, so many similarities to the times we are in with COVID. Your Mission: Stay safe and make it out as heroes saving the vaccine and the Doctor. Let’s see if you survive, share your story snap a picture at the end and use the hashtag #TampaBayGay.

Since we have been living in a real life Pandemic for much of 2020, I felt it was a good idea to ad in a Safety and Protections portion of the story. I went into this with the question, “How safe and sanitary did I feel before, during and after the event?”

Arriving at the ship (the before): Masks are required at all times. Immediate temperature checks before you sign in. Once you sign in, you can sanitize your hands and stand in the spots on the ground marked for socially distancing. Here is where you can read the Safety & Protocols information including warnings about simulated gunfire, strobe lighting and other things you may experience.

Once you Board the ship (the during): The team is very eager to help and answer any questions while in line or throughout the ship. All cast and crew are in masks. They will often check in with you and check your hands during the route making sure you have not picked up any "contaminants". Spray Bottles and sanitizer provided if needed or requested. If you are brave enough to look around the corner, you can see behind the scenes cleaning with bottles and rags, ready to wipe down any touched surface.

Upon exiting the ship (the after): At this point, you are at the end and if you are not sure everything was sanitized, you are going to walk out dripping clean. If you need additional sanitizer once off the ship you do have access to it. I honestly, did not feel that I was at risk at all, most of the experience is outside and when you are in close areas it is mostly just your group.

Again, we would like to thank the entire team for inviting us out. Show your support and make reservations now for UNDEAD IN THE WATER, OPERATION DECON weekends through Halloween.


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