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Welcome into 2018.

This month's From The Editor, I take a look back at 2017 and where Tampa Bay Gay is headed in 2018.
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Welcome into 2018

I think we learned a lot about the American Life in 2017. We learned and adjusting to how things are going to be over the next four years. I would say getting more comfortable in our "skin"; if you know what I mean? Let me recap some of 2017, the good and the bad. Regardless of the outcome we learned some great lessons last year. Here are just a few things that stand out to me.

We have seen some of the greatest supporting crowds at our local events like Tampa PRIDE, the OLOC National Convention, and first time events like the Tampa FRINGE Festival (returning in 2018). I noticed that the Tampa Bay LGBTQ (and supporting) events are increasingly more inclusive; equally Gay and Straight, with all the colors in between. We saw LGBTQ support like we have never seen before locally. However, on a heavier note, 2017 brought us the loss of a lot of wonderful people in the Tampa area. I hope we always remember them for their greatness and the positive impact they made in our lives. An event I would like to forget, Hurricane IRMA; not sure anyone wants to remember that! Finally, there was some Justice for the 2003 brutal murders of Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz that rocked the Tampa Bay area. ENOUGH with that recap; WELCOME INTO 2018!

January 2018 has been COLD, some of the coldest temps in years! I hope that it is getting everyone out and moving, because I just want to stay in bed under the warm blankets. My office is the coldest room in the house (YIKES); as I sit here typing with frozen fingers let's look ahead at 2018!

is finally launching. I know, I have been teasing this for the last two years but the time has come; I am anticipating the first videos to start late January. There are a lot of great events, shows, and movies lined up this year! First up, Cirque du Soleil's VOLTA at the Tampa Greyhound Track; it has been years since a show like this has come to Tampa. True to the Cirque reputation, this show looks amazing! Keep your eyes out for movies like LOVE, SOMON and TV shows including everyone's favorite RuPaul's Drag Race. Locally, be on the lookout for more EXCLUSIVE Interviews with celebs, the Business Highlight section, local entertainment reports, Dining Out reviews, and more.

As I close the first "From the Editor" of 2018 I am reaching out to all my readers and asking that we stay STRONG and UNITED. We show strength in numbers! Try to respect each other, use tolerance, find common ground on heated topics, support those who reach out, and most important LOVE one another. To those that drink, "CHEERS to 2018" (For those who DO NOT drink, I raise my Cup of Coffee with you!) To everyone, Welcome into 2018, stay happy, safe and proud.

-Dave Borman
Tampa Bay Gay

I hope that you enjoyed this month's From the Editor. Please send your questions and comments on the website and any topic you may like. Please send me some feedback. Tell us what you think, it does not have to be anything to do with this topic. I might even reply to your email in the next From the Editor. Thanks for taking the time out to read what I have to say.

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