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Check out the Barefoot Virtual Hallo-Wine & Candy Pairing Event Recap. We wanted to share a few highlights from the event in addition to the parings that we tried. Barefoot also included some great Fall Recipes to try this season.
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Read the next line, then close your eyes and imagine for one moment; imagine the sweet taste and aromatic smell of Peach rings and Wine.

Welcome back, I hope I helped set the mood for what was our first Barefoot Virtual Hallo-Wine Candy Paring Event invitation. A few days before the event we received our package from Barefoot (Thank you Barefoot) it was filled with all the essentials and a few spooky items to make it festive. We wanted to share a few highlights from the event in addition to the parings that we tried. Barefoot also included some great Fall Recipes to try this season. Our Host was Jennifer Wall (@BarefootJenWall) our Winemaker and Expert for the evening. She walked us through some really good parings and shared some info on the company and what they have accomplished.

Barefoot Winemaker & Host @BarefootJenWall

To start, some interested facts about Barefoot.

-The company was actually retired from the industry for ten years before coming out of retirement and being the Barefoot we know today.

-The Barefoot symbol originally represented the old way of stomping grapes to make the wine, bare feet. Now it represents the Diversity of the Barefoot Wine customer.

-Some of the wines have the “Signature Spritz” of CO2 giving the wines a nice balance.

-Since coming out of retirement Barefoot’s marketing strategy was a community grassroots approach; since the 1990’s they have been huge supporters of Non-profits at the local community level.

This was not only a great wine pairing event but I learned some pretty interesting things about the brand. HAPPY HALLO-WINE!

Whatever your wine drinking experiences have been, grab your favorite Barefoot wine (LDA; Legal Drinking Age please), a glass, and some candies. Let the Pairing Begin!

Some of my Favorites:
The Fruitscato and Peach Rings were a favorite in my house.
The Muscato and Candy Corn was my second favorite.
Suprisingly the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chocolate Bar (I am not a red wine drinker) but DELICIOUS!

Here are the Wine Parings we tried:

Barefoot Chardonnay & almond and coconut chocolate bar: Oak can impart lots of aromas into wine- specifically, caramel, vanilla, spices and.. coconut. For this pairing, not only does the subtle coconut notes in the aromas of the wine perfectly compliment the coconut in the candy, but the creamy texture also complements this sweet treat.

Barefoot Brut Rose Bubbly & peanut butter cups: A sophisticated peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The layers of berries in the aromas of this sparkler perfectly complement the chocolate and peanut butter in this candy cup as the peanut butter in particular is a good accompaniment to the berries. The acidity of this bubbly also cuts through the richness and creates a delightful experience.

Barefoot Moscato & candy corn: All of Barefoot white and pink wines have a hint of CO2 added which balances the sweetness and lends to a more sessionable wine and the fizz provides a refreshing balance to the sugar in the candy corn.

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon & chocolate bar: The quintessential pairing for wine and candy is CAB and Chocolate. This pairing works because the chocolate tames the tannins in the wine, and the wine structure can withstand the chocolate flavor, and texture as well. Pure perfection.

Barefoot Peach Fruitscato & peach rings: This pairing is a slam dunk because it’s a lot of sweet peach layered on top of more sweet peach. Just a lot of sweet peach goodness here.

Additional Fall Holiday Recipes Below
(Click to View/Print .pdf)

Oc-Toe-Pi Martini & Falling for Rosé

Harvest Spiced Wine & Autumn Apple Crisp

Falling for MoscaTOE Punch & Turkey Day Toaster


-Dave Borman, Writer



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