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Exciting News to announce the first Tampa Bay Transgender Film Festival in partnership with St Pete Pride! All films can be screened online. All films will be available Nov. 20 thru Nov 22. There are 300 FREE tickets per movie on a first come first served basis. FILM INFO & REGISTER HERE
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Transgender Film Fest
November 20 - November 22

Tampa Bay
We are excited to announce our first Tampa Bay Transgender Film Festival in partnership with St Pete Pride!

The vision for the Tampa Bay Transgender Film Festival, is to create a space grounded in and centered around the transgender community, support those in film who support our community, and share these films with our allies. Our Transgender Screening Committee reviewed a number of films, and after much consideration they selected five documentaries with diverse and critical narratives to share with our audience.

For some individuals, particularly those within the LGBTQ+ community, engaging with these films may be emotionally challenging. Due to subjects of dysphoria, violence, and death, viewer discretion is advised.

For grounding purposes, the Tampa Bay Transgender Film Festival will be providing a pre-recorded centering video brought to you by our Elevating Event Sponsors Love, Hugh and Medicine Within, LLC.

To close our festival, at 7 p.m. EST on Sunday, November 22, a Transgender Healing Space will be available exclusively for any registered attendees who identify under the trans+ umbrella. This private, affirming space will be live and virtual.

At noon on Friday, November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance, all five films will be launched with full streaming access. Films will be made available to view in any order, or even individually.

For the curated experience our Transgender Screening Committee designed, we suggest the following event/viewing order:

Pre Recorded Centering Video
Out Loud
Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil Video
Pier Kids
Keyboard Fantasies
I Was Not Born A Mistake
Live Transgender Healing Space 11/22 @7PM EST

OUT LOUD chronicles the first season of the historic Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, the largest group of transgender and gender nonconforming people anywhere in the world who regularly sing together.

Led by Lindsey Deaton, who co-founded the chorus and served as its first artistic director, these choristers, many of whom have no musical training, come together to hone their craft and find their voices.

Some choristers have the added challenge of coping with changes to their vocal range as they take hormones to transition. The stakes are high for all as they prepare for their 2016 public concert debut in this inspiring story of an extraordinary choir.

All films can be screened online in our screening room at Eventive.
All films will be available from noon on Nov. 20 thru Nov. 22, 2020.
There are 300 FREE tickets per movie on a first come first served basis.
(From 301-500 tickets there is a $1 fee)

View Films Here

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